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Integrating Technology

Humans begin learning at birth and generally continue this process throughout life but the amount learned and the

value of that knowledge varies greatly from one individual to the next ( Sheppard, 2002). With the changing

demographic situation of the developed world, there has been a focus on the concept of lifelong learning, where

individuals learn throughout their whole life ( Chao, 2009). Adult educators must develop a sense of vocation or

calling and must teach subordinates technique and technology to ethical and practical considerations through

human scales, less impersonal programming, and development ( Collins, 1991). Adult learners need to understand

the different ways of learning and should know how to apply it in their life. “These days, being connected depends

not on our distance from each other but from available communication technology” (Turkle, 2011, p. 155).

Technology plays a vital role in today’s life of human beings. According to Parker (2013) “Technology is not just a

device that is utilized as a tool. Rather, technology has infused every aspect of society to essentially change the

thought process in learning” ( Merriam, $ Bierema, 2014, p. 190-211).

New Insights and Trends 

In the field of education, most of the educators use technology to deliver their lessons according to the various needs

of the adult learners .  According to Burger,(1994); Cahoon, (1998); Eastmond, (1998); Field (1997). “Technology can

enhance adult learning because it has the potential to increase flexibility, provide access to expertise, facilitate

discussion among learners who cannot meet face to face, reduce feelings of isolation often experienced by

nontraditional learners, increase learners autonomy, and support and promote constructivist and collaborative

learning ( Susan, 1998).

Blended learning provides the students with information for delivery of content and instruction via digital and online

media. In this way, a teacher and student can interact with each other. According to Hoffman (2014), blended

learning is not only about matching content to the most appropriate delivery medium, but doing it at the learning

objective level. When technology is used in pedagogically appropriate ways, it can have a positive impact on a

student’s learning (Woodall, 2009). “Building lessons on a solid, research-based foundations of effective strategies,

adding appropriate technologies, and consistently applying those strategies should help ensure high-quality

instruction that has the potential of maximizing student achievement”(Gurrero, 2010). Technology can provide the

support of teaching and student learning in different ways: 1. It can increase the opportunity of classroom learning

beyond the physical boundaries of the classroom. 2. It can expand the ways students can demonstrate what they have

learned. “When teacher’s professional development only focuses on the technical skills needed to be successful,

incorporating it with instructional practices undermined” (Gurrero, 2010).

Web Conferencing  

As I am new to the online learning world so I was little nervous that how could I work on my assignment. There were

some questions in my mind that how online learners deal with time management and assignments. Once I met my

learning partner Anahita to discuss our topic she made me feel more connected to the course and our conversation

helped me to relax. She gave me an idea of where to start and read the articles and having her support and

understanding meant a lot to me and she gave me some direction as where to start in my research. The topic Anahita

and I selected was “Integrating technology into Instruction for Adult learners.” I have chosen two articles related to

this topic.  First article by Lynda Ginsburg (1998) ” Integrating Technology into Adult learning.”In this article

Ginsburg presents a helpful way to think about integrating technology into adult learning by proposing four basic

approaches: technology as curriculum, delivery mechanism, complement to instruction, and instructional tool. The

another article I found from the Edutopia ” why do we need technology integration” According to this article there

are some reasons mentioned that how integrating technology is necessary for students in 21st century skills:

  • personal and social responsibility
  • planning, critical thinking, reasoning, and creativity
  • strong communication skills, both interpersonal and presentation needs
  • cross-cultural understanding
  • visualizing and decision-making
  • knowing how and when to use technology and choosing the most appropriate tool for the task.

Anahita’s Blog:


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