Links of my Classmates 3250

Jennifer  Aarestad

Alena Buis

Megan Bukta

John Coomber

Ruht Davis

Karen Deol

Kimdeep Deol

Susan Doyle

Sylvia Faser

Stephanie Grenko

Ken Izumi

Nicole Jinn

Shelly Killeen

Leslie Montgomery

Emma Leigha Munro

Melissa Nuttall

Henry Stavast

Todd Turton

Karon Wong

Atoosha Zargar

3240 classmates blog links

Shirley’s Blog

Kirsten’s Blog

Kelsi’s Blog


my first ever blog

link to my blog

Kim’s Blog

Brandy’s Blog

Rosemarie Blog

Link to my Blog

Lisa McMullin’s Blog

Blogger from B.C.

Education in the Trades

My Learning Experience – Blog Link

Link to my Blog page












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